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Amateur Philosopher

29 June
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I'm a student of religious studies, philosophy, and theology, in my third year in the California community college system. I am also in my first year of a BA in philosophy through the University of Illinois at Springfield's philosophy department. I was turned onto these three subjects by way of William James (Varieties of Religious Experience), Peter Berger, and a course or two. I wonder about the theological implications of what the scientific study of religion can teach us. I feel this is my life's calling - if there is such a thing as God's plan for my life, then this it part of it.

This is my "intellectual portfolio" livejournal. Hopefully this can become an intellectual history of me. But it's hard to separate this from my personal life and perceptions, especially when spiritual ideas are involved, so a bit about me: I'm young, orphaned at 8, a companion to my elderly grandpa, ADD, generally obsessive about my passions, and fairly introspective. I keep getting told I'll end up a priest, but I doubt it. I'm old enough to see what a vice arrogance is, but not old enough to have my arrogance worked away or labeled as "wisdom." I have a wonderful girlfriend (met at church camp) as well as friends old enough to be my parents; satisfy me with some thoughtful, kind banter and I'll like you too. :)